Sunday, August 29, 2010

Shooting in the Alps

I just came back from a week shooting in Les Arcs in the French Alps in the supervision and "photo course" of Seb Rogers. For the second year in the row I tried to improve my pictures and expand my knowledge of and ability to handle a camera.
To keep it short: the pictures tell the story - there is a difference between last and this year's pictures. They have improved and the good ones take less time and tries to shoot.

Here's a shot of this year:

And here is a similar one from last year:

Clearly some of the improvement is hard work, lots of practice, loads of unsharp pictures, many "One more time please!" ... But sometimes you just get very unlucky. For example I spent hours raking my brain why my Sigma lens wasn't turning out sharp pictures. Seb unlocked the secret: it's plain sh*y equipment, which is not worth what the manufacturer promised and asked money for.

Sometimes I got lucky - and the next post above will tell you why. But for now, enjoy this year's pics in a slideshow:

2010 Seb Rogers Alpine photo course from Seb Rogers on Vimeo.