Sunday, April 17, 2011

What a start into the season! - 3rd place at the Homberg race

Traditionally the Swiss gravity season kicks off in April at the Homberg race. The race itself is more like a family reunion and belongs to no cup. But the riders are still eager to test their form after the Winter break. I was very excited to do the same.

I really like the race line. It's fairly short with few gnarly sections and many places where you need to pedal a bit. I had a very good qualification and with spot Nr. 2 my hopes were high for Sunday.

On Sunday we had two runs - the better of them would count. I was very disapointed about my first run. Mainly because I was even slower than the previous day but it didn't feel like it - I didn't know what to change about it!

But for the second run all fell into place and I ended up with my own personal best time and third place. As a start into my season number 2 and the first one with a proper downhill bike I am very happy - and looking forward to the Swiss and European IXS Cup.

Here are the dates you need to mark in your schedules:
30.4./1.5. 1st IXS European DH Cup Monte Tamaro
21./22.5. 2nd IXS European DH Cup Todtnau (Germany)
24.-26.6. Red Bull Trailfox, Flims
1.-3.7. Gigathlon (my fitness challenge ;-)
16./17.7. 1st Swiss DH Cup Wierihorn
20./21.8. 3rd Swiss DH Cup Anzère
10./11.9. 4th Swiss DH Cup Disentis
17./18.9. 5th IXS European DH Cup Châtel (France)
1./2.10. 5th Swiss DH Cup Bellwald