Sunday, May 8, 2011

Learning to drop @Lac Blanc

Today I learned to drop properly in the bikepark of Lac Blanc.
What an awesome feeling once you get over the fear and the HUGE urge to pull on the brakes just before you go over the edge! It is amazing how smooth you can land even off of one-man heights. Completely different from jumping the same heights on foot. Now I understand why someone started to build such things. It's exhilirating because your mind screams at you "That isn't possible." as you fly out and then you hardly feel it when you touch back onto the ground. Wow, just Wow.
This is something I'm going to do more often now, I can tell. ;-)

Thanks Pippo, for leading me into the lines!!

(PS: The pic isn't me since we didn't have a camera handy!)

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